Magnolia Builders is celebrating more than 10 years of quality contracting and building in the New Orleans area. Excelling at renovation as well as new construction, Magnolia Builders’ talented team specializes in historic preservation and historic tax credit projects.

To maintain the original beauty and artistry of our unique New Orleans homes and architecture, Magnolia Builders takes on unique projects and stud-by-stud rescues of historic structures. On Audubon Blvd. they’ve raised a 3000sqft home to create an entirely new first floor. If you’ve been in the neighborhood, this is a marvel you’ve undoubtedly noticed.

Magnolia Builders also creates stunning retail and restaurant spaces that show off their master woodworking and craftsmanship. The quality is in the details: the finished look of Cherry Coffee and Junction Bar and Grill comes from the precision and attention to detail that goes into all of their projects.

Using the materials and techniques that the original builders would have used, Magnolia Builders gives careful attention to residential renovations and restorations. With new construction projects, Magnolia Builders pairs built-to-last construction with high-end finishings and artistry.

Magnolia Builders uses BuilderTrend, the industry standard in construction management technologies, creating a reliable system of organization and allowing all parties in the construction project—the customer, contractor, subcontractors, and builders—to have communication and transparency from start to finish.

With 24 years of experience in the business, owner Josh Murphey learned all of the building blocks of great construction through years of grunt work, home improvement, subcontracting, and project managing. Armed with the latest project management technology and leading a talented team of master builders and carpenters, Magnolia Builders offers organized, streamlined, and professional building and restoration no matter the job size.